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Rain Enhancement: Turning Semi-Arid Country into a Green Paradise

Increasing Rainfall: Making Jordan a Green Paradise

In the past three years, a positive impact of the WeatherTec rain enhancement operations on overall ecosystem in Jordan becomes more and more visible in the Kingdom’s daily life. The updated image below shows a noticeable increase in the King Talal Dam water level, compared to the previous years. Despite the dry weather challenges faced in 2016-2018, the technology was able to increase rainfall in Jordan by about 24%. As is shown in the chart, the influenced areas got much more fresh water while the non-influenced areas had a dramatic decrease.

Abu Al Soos before and after WeatherTec influence

King Talal Dam from the inside before and after

RainMaker: Success story of it's technology

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan released an official report in July 2019 with contribu- tions from the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordanian Farmers Association, Jordan Meteorological Department/Ministry of Transport, documenting the groundbreaking re- sults during the past three years.

• 35% more rainfall in the stimulated areas compared to the 30 year average.
• For the first time in 40 years dams in the region were filled.
• 30% more output in rain-fed agricultural plantations, and increase in livestock.
• Meteorological Department confirmed the reversal of adverse climate change trends.

Water is the new Gold and Oil

Gold first, than oil: control of it, access to it and sale of it, have driven much of the global economy for several centuries. Water will be the most valuable world’s asset in the future. WeatherTec enables access to additional freshwater. Contact us, secure your share of "Aramco 2.0"

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